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The conference lasted three days. It was followed by a two days workshop, for the young researchers.

Monday 28th May


10:30 Opening Ceremony Luc Trouche, chair of the scientific committee;  Jean-François Pinton, president of ENS de Lyon; Gilles Aldon, head of EducTice; Sophie Soury Lavergne, chair of the organizing committee (video) (slides to be downloaded)

11:00 Kenneth Ruthven lecture (University of Cambridge, UK) The construct of 'resource system' as an analytic tool in understanding the work of teaching (video) (slides to be downloaded)

14:00 Ghislaine Gueudet lecture (University of Western Brittany, France) Studying Teachers’ documentation work: emergence of a theoretical approach (video) (slides to be downloaded)


15:15  Working groups Session A

Pedro wg

20:00 Christine Proust lecture (CNRS, Paris) How did mathematics teachers work four thousand years ago? Curricula and syllabuses in Mesopotamia (video) (slides to be downloaded)

Tuesday 29th May

09:00 Janine Remillard lecture (Graduate School of Education, University of Pennsylvania) Teachers’ Use of Mathematics Resources: A Look across Cultural Boundaries (video) (slides to be downloaded)

10:15  Working groups Session B  

14:00 Michèle Artigue lecture (LDAR, Université Paris Diderot-Paris 7) Reflecting on a theoretical approach from a networking perspective: the case of the documentational approach to didactics (video) (slides to be downloaded)

Michele's lecture

15:15  Working groups Session C

Veronica WG

17:15 Poster session   

Wednesday 30th May

9:00 Takeshi Miyakawa (Joetsu University of Education) & Binyan Xu (East China Normal University, Shanghai) lecture Teachers collective work inside and outside school as an essential spring of mathematics teachers' documentation: Japanese and Chinese experiences (video) (slides to be downloaded)

10:15 Panel Discussion Mathematics Teachers as Designers an international perspective. Birgit Pepin (chair) - Participants: Michele Artigue (France); Veronica Gitirana (Brazil); Takeshi Miyakawa (Japan); Kenneth Ruthven (UK), & Binyan Xu (China) (video) (slides to be downloaded)
14:00 Working groups Session D Plenary reports, coordinated by Ghislaine Gueudet  

15:15 Luc Trouche lecture (French Institute of Education, Ecole normale supérieure de Lyon, France) Evidencing the missing resources of the documentational approach to didactics, towards new programs of research (video) (slides to be downloaded)

conference luc

16:15 Closing session, reactions (video) of Jeffrey Choppin (slides to be downloaded) and Cibelle Assis (slides to be downloaded)


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