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Plenary panel

Panel Discussion :Mathematics Teachers as Designers (video) (slides to be downloaded)

Birgit Pepin (chair)

Participants: Michele Artigue (France); Veronica Gitirana (Brazil); Takeshi Miyakawa (Japan); Kenneth Ruthven (UK), & Binyan Xu (China).


The goal of the panel discussion is to develop deeper understandings of the processes involved when teachers act as designers (Pepin, Gueudet, & Trouche, 2017). In this panel discussion the participants will respond to each of the following questions:

  • Why are teacher design activities relevant? (e.g. practical and/or scientific perspective);
  • What are the most challenging/interesting design tasks? What would teachers design? (e.g. actions and/or artefacts);
  • How would teachers design? (e.g. What kinds of design approaches would they use?; Would they design individually or collectively?; Under which conditions would they design, with whom, short-term or long-term?).

After each participant has responded, the audience will be invited to join the discussion.

The panel will give rise to a chapter of the book, which will be edited after the conference, in December 2018, in the Springer Series Advances in Mathematic Education.

Pepin, B., Gueudet, G., & Trouche, L. (2017). Refining teacher design capacity: Mathematics teachers’ interactions with digital curriculum resources. ZDM- Mathematics Education, 49(5), 799-812

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